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The peculiarity of the photo-art of the Hungarian architect and photographer living in Munich, is the concentration and reduction to the essence. Clear lines and compositions indicate the speciality of a given moment, which he tries to grab in his photos. Living to see the authentic and picturing the identity stands in the middle.
Laszlo Maczky’s photos always give a challenge for the beholder, not because they provoke by strident motives and glamour but just the opposite: he filters the details of our everyday reality from an optical view. He sharpens the glance for the aesthetically special and with emphatic artistic means of style he proves that there is a rhythm in silence, which we have already totally grown unused to nowadays.
His photos are characterized by irritating reflections, unusual optic angles, compositional support of assymetries and motives, which are organized into rhythmic sequences.
He drows his motives out of time and space and concretizes them as some signs with a certain absolute meaning.The aesthetic clarity and openness of his work which originates from this, is a duely accented confession about what he has seen.
The photographer builds his further work on this basis with proper consistency in his great-format photographic creations – both coloured and black and white - which are similarly taken in an analogue way but are processed digitally.
He has some new ideas about the architecture of facades and rises above them in order to idealize the facades stylistically. Here comes the architect into the picture, when he has to find an absolute form to a thing which is visually given.
We have to emphasize the speciality and the clarity of his forms as the distinctive features of Laszlo Maczky’s art which
strike the patient and devoted viewer’s attention. Besides these his stylistic unambiguity has a fairly serious inner depth.

© Gisela Prokop, Munich 2008

A short moment of wondering - László Maczky's pictures of Munich, Veszpém and Budapest reveal their specialness at second glance. Almost imperceptibly, the photo artist has combined the view of each individual urban motif in one photo, both by day and by night, creating a strange-looking simultaneity. It was his own amazement in the narrow streets of the cities when he experienced the juxtaposition of brightly lit shop windows below and sunlit roof gables above as dusk fell that inspired László Maczky to this unusual picture idea.